Health Compass is committed to changing the face of the health and fitness industry you are accustomed to.

We don't sell membership we sell results.

By now you are are frustrated with commercial gyms and their tricks. They play on your emotions to get you to sign up, promising the moon but as soon as you hand over your money they no longer care. Your membership is useless unless you know what you are doing in a gym.

You end up lost. You never see the results you signed up for. You become dis-heartened. Before long and just stop going to the gym.

Am I right? Of course I am.

Everybody falls for this trap. I fell for this trap. After years of wading through B.S I finally stepped away from it. When you train at Health Compass you are saving yourself years of wading. Instead I will work relentlessly for you to make you the healthiest and happiest person you can be.

Your goals are irrelevant. With the proper training program and determination, you will get there with Health Compass.

With us you will always be a valuable member of our community and you will always be treated as the individual you are because we know and appreciate that without you we can not survive. You are and always will be the most important element of our business and that is why we work so hard to help you realize your ambitions.

I cant believe the progress I have made! My friends literally asked me how I am doing it!

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I found Health Compass a joy to work with. In the 2 months I trained with John I lost over a stone!

Where did Health Compass begin?


A few years ago my mother passed away but while she was sick I was deeply frustrated with the health care that was being provided to her. I always felt there was more that could be done. It was this frustration that inspired me to establish Health Compass.

I was inspired by this tragedy to research and study as much as possible so that I could do everything I could to help my mother get better.

Unfortunately I was too late and my mother passed away.

The death of my mother is why Health Compass is before you today. Her death inspired me to pass on all I have learnt and use the tools and knowledge I have acquired to help you be the healthiest you can be and live a long and healthy life and help to stop families suffering the death of a loved one before their time.