The Nitty Gritty of Health

For this article I want to start off with where real health begins, in the soil. The soil is something that is overlooked by almost everybody in the health industry and is possible the most important factor when it comes to us reaching optimum health. The soil is the foundation that all else is built upon if we have poor soils we have poor food and in turn we have poor health. As Einstein said

“Do you think you can really know and practice effective nutrition without knowledge of and management of the soil?”

Soil is the circle of life, all life comes from the soil and all life is meant to go back to the soil and it always does unless we humans start to interfere with how Mother Nature intended it all to be because we think that we know better. The cycle of life starts with micro-organisms which feed on the natural fertilizer of the soil, humus, which is made up dead organic matter, these guys feed the grass, the luscious grass in turn feeds the zebra with all the nutrients required to develop healthily, the zebra feeds the lion, because the zebra ate a healthy forage packed full off vitamins and minerals obtained from the grass the lion is in turn getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to survive and be healthy. The lion will eventually dies and the micro-organism feed on the lion and excrete all the vitamins and minerals that came from the soil in the first place back into the soil and the circle is complete.

Have you ever heard of a zebra getting a heart attack or a lion with high cholesterol or diabetes or cancer? No! That is because they do not screw with Mother Nature they life as they were intended to life and eat as they were intended to eat. It is only man and to be more specific man in “developed” countries that are plagued with these diseases. Why do you think this is the case? Might it be because we are trying to play god, processing cheap CRAP that we claim to be food and then feeding it to the population. If it has not come from the ground or cannot be grown then it is not food and it should not be put in your mouth. You can only push Mother so far before she hits back, and let’s be honest here we all know that is never a nice experience, well Mother Nature is no different she is going to hit us back eventually too and we will be the ones that loose out unless we open our eyes and see how we are ruining our life source, the soil.

By 1937 in the U.S 61% of all farmable top soil had been lost, I don’t even want to investigate into what that figure is today because we all know that it isn’t going to be a pretty figure. How have we lost so much of our soils? Conventional farming of course!! Commercial farming mines minerals from the soil by stripping plants from the soils, if there is a lack of variety in the forage the soil will be mineral deficient because plants produce mineral balance. The so called WEEDs grow in our fields so that vitamins minerals and enzymes that are missing from the soil can be put back into the soil and rebalance it. But what do we do with these plants we regard as weeds we spray them and kill them, in the U.S in 1945 20 thousand pounds of chemicals were used on the soil, in the year 2000 2 billion pounds of chemicals were used, and guess what happened in that time, crop losses have doubled. By using all these chemicals and fertilizers you kill microorganisms and the electrical potential of the soil and plants become addicted to chemical fertilizers because there are no nutrients in the soil for them to feed on so they end up sucking all the toxins and garbage from the soil because it has nothing else to eat, otherwise it will starve. Parasites attack these plants because mother nature see them as garbage, so we spray the parasites to kill them and we kill some more micro-organisms.

Eventually we end up with desert. The Romans when they were conquering the world knew this, when they conquered a town the first job the soldiers were given was to go out into the fields and salt all the fields, killing the soil therefore making the people have to come to them to get their food and make them dependant. What do we use as fertilizer on our soil today NPK fertilizer which is the same as salt, we are conquering ourselves here people!! These NPK fertilizers also kill the earth worm that is so valuable to the health of the soil, which any good farmer will know. These chemicals that we continuously spray on our food and in our fields do not just have an effect on the soil, these chemicals attack your hormonal system and immune system once we eat this food treated with these chemicals.

Poor soil leads to the wheel of death and disease, poor soil will lead to poor forage full of chemicals which will lead to sick animals because they are eating this mineral and nutrient deficient forage, man will then eat this sick animal and what do you know we get sick as well, surprise, surprise. So it should not come as a shock to you to learn that in the U.S in 2009 14 million dollars were spent each minute on health care. If this is a shock to you let me explain, because of our farming techniques our soils are nutrient deficient our plants are nutrient deficient and our animals are nutrient deficient. When we consume food it takes 55%-75% of the nutrients in that food to get it from your mouth to you anus. Now if we keep eating nutrient deficient foods we will end up running on a deficit because that 55%-75% is going to be used up no matter what, and what is left over is not going to be enough to enable us to run all our other bodily functions and systems. So what do you want to sacrifice for eating this CRAP food, your immune system, hormonal system, reproductive system? There is another problem with these nutrient deficient soils and plants though and that is the nutrient deficient animals that are feeding on these forages. As the forage they consume is not providing them with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required they will not develop the correct amino acids in their meats. Also because the forage is nutrient deficient it has to be supplemented with industrial feeds. These feeds are full of toxins which end up being stored in the fat of the animal, now let’s be honest here what is our favourite cut of meat? It is always the fatty one. So these toxins that the animal has eaten from this feed you are now eating and it is packed with neurogenic toxins which attack your nervous system and your hormonal system.

So now are we getting the picture? Mess with the earth and you mess with your health.

There is an alternative, you got to find an organic farmer who runs a farm like a farm should be run, looking after his soil, no chemicals used on the land, diversity in the forage with healthy and happy animals. Some people say that this type of farming is unsustainable, wake up people and open those eyes, look at China for a country of that size it only has 14% of its land mass suitable for farming but look at how many people they feed from that 14%. There was a study done over 21 years that tested soils, they found that there was an 85% increase in micro-organisms on organically farmed fields over this 21 years opposed to the conventionally farmed fields. So organically farmed soil has 85% more nutrients available in its soil compared to commercially famed soil. So what field would you prefer your carrot to be growing in? I can tell you I know where I want mine!! People say organic food costs too much, do I need to remind you of the figure I mentioned earlier about how much people spend on health care in the U.S. and as Joel Salatin says

“You think organic is expensive, have you priced cancer lately”

That is why good nutrition is so important, within our genes we have the capability to be healthy or to develop any disease you can think of it all depends on the environment they are exposed to and the chemical signals they receive from us, this is a subject I will get into in more detail in a later article. Good nutrition is what enables us to express all of our genetic strengths and to supress those weaknesses that we don’t ever what to raise their heads. So what is good nutrition? Real food!! If you can’t grow it, it is not food and should not be eaten. If you think you can eat what you like and take a bunch of supplements and vitamins and all will be hunky dory then you are badly mistaken. First of all no vitamin is ever found in nature like how they are produced synthetically, so it cannot be absorbed by the body and if your body can absorb it, it does so by robbing vitamins and minerals from some other part of the body so at first you might think this is great I fixed the problem. You haven’t though you have just caused another one in the act of robbing the other mineral, so you end up taking a new pill for this new problem so now you are taking two different types. This second pill will rob another nutrient so it can be absorbed and what do know now you are on three, so and so on. When it comes to health it is not a case of what you should take but a case of what you should take away. All C.R.A.P foods, Carbohydrates (eaten far too much, when I say carbohydrates I am talking about the likes of bread, pasta, spaghetti. When did you ever see a pasta tree? My point exactly). Refined foods (sugars etc,) Additives and Preservatives (look at the ingredient list of the next thing you buy and see how many words are on the list that you can’t pronounce).

If you have a well near your home that is free from all chemicals and safe to drink then take advantage of this beautiful asset. We all know how vital water is to health but if you have a clean and safe to use well the water from the well will provide your body and immune system with homeopathic doses of the environment so that you will be able to build an effective immune system to deal with your environment.

Finally! As is above is below.
Healthy food means a healthy soil, and the same for you healthy mind, healthy gut. If you have problems with mental clarity or mental stability look to your gut and look at what you are putting into it. If you get this right all else will follow suit.